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Q-2b Close Field Studio Monitor
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Sound Reinforcement
Stoll Audio conceptualises and puts into realisation sound reinforcement equipment for a great diversity of application areas in the speech - and music transmission for all kinds of localities,be it discos, theaters, general pupose halls or churches.

PA- and Stage Systems
For PA- and stage Stoll Audio offers a wide range of compact and neutral high performance systems. It is also competent for large PAs.

Studio Monitoring
Stoll Audio develops progressive concepts and transducer systems for the studio monitoring.

Engineering / Design
Trough the many years of basic research in the area of audio technology, acoustics, measurement systems and engineering, Stoll Audio has invaluable experience at it`s disposal.

This know-how Stoll Audio offers as a service to producers in the field of electro acoustics, users in the production and designers for sound reinforcement, as well as for further education.

Stoll Audio takes on the complete product development in the service of other manufacturers.

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